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SHT11 sensor DS18B20 DS1302 PIC16F877 two incubator


In the end I finished my project in its final form Hi friends, I want to share incubator. I've added a new temperature sensor and LCD display circuit only as one more 4×20 lcd, A relay is also used in the heat balance and temperature sensor, I use two balanced as possible, aim to keep the temperature in the machine.

The parties Volt always warmer than the top of the machine running times. Therefore, the temperature distribution in the machine temperature sensor used two to make it better.

When it comes to the use of thermal sensors SHT11 'S top side of the machine DS18B20 the two sides of the sensor to position the bottom of the machine çalışmadayken yide normal temperature values ​​can separate the upper and lower.

The temperature difference between two sensor 2 When a greater degree 4 Pull the relay runs on the machine so that fans get in the flow of air and high temperatures that are balanced.

Explain some of the icons on the screen in normal operating mode.

Ü= Upper temperature
A= Bottom heat
S= Setpoint
ORTISı= Average temperature

Is for friends who do not descriptive. In reality simulation circuit will not work, but this time can slow down a bit. Isis is insufficient in some cases to the many jobs at the same time. very stable gerçete hours.

The menu is almost the same except for some differences in menu have nothing to do with changing the settings so all eproma kaydidilir. Deteriorate if electricity is cut settings

I took some pictures I took on the circuit for the phone Volt not very good




Isis proteus ares pcb simulation of the project and source code files Picbasic: iki-sensorlu-kulucka-makinesi-pic16f877-sht11-ds18b20-ds1302.ZIP

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