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ICL7107 Voltmeter Circuits

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Power supply is indispensable for voltmeter circuit ICL7107 most commonly used in the market for this job (LCD-LED display, A / D converters) has integrated with-5v and +5 +5 volt single source we have two circuits Our first half is working with the +5 volt supply only source of PCBs to be a bit bigger but the circuit makes it attractive. The second circuit portion of the printed circuit quite small display control section, but feed on a single PCB symmetrical + – voltage

ICL7107 Voltmeter Circuits  dijital voltmetre

Voltmeter-1 http://www.reber.si/dvm/index.htm

ICL7107 Voltmeter Circuits  voltmetre devresi

ICL7107 Voltmeter Circuits  ilc7107.thumbnail ICL7107 Voltmeter Circuits  ilc 7107 pcb.thumbnail ICL7107 Voltmeter Circuits  voltmetre pcb.thumbnail

R1 = 180k R2 = 22k R3 = 12k* R4 = 1M R5 = 470k R6 = 560

C1 = 100pF C2, C6, C7 = 100nF C3 = 47nF C4 = 10nF C5 = 220nF

P1 = 20k multi-turn U1 = ICL 7107 LD1,2,3,4 = 4 adet 7 segment Display

R 3 should be changed according to the voltage to be measured

0-20 V ….R3 = 1.2K
0-200 V …R3 = 12K
0-2000 V ..R3 = 120K

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