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Induction Furnace Circuit HIP6601

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Metals used to melt induction Furnace in the system in a similar circuit .. Control floor hip6601 MOSFET driver used the circuit operating voltage of 12 volts DC writer drive, MOSFETs an old AMD motherboard scrap and ripped the coil chassis connected to the end 820nf 400v capacitor connected in series have additional current transformer using have made a simple LED indicator. HIP6601 driver number 3 made ​​with input leg 74HCT4046 1 Hz – 10 MHz oscillator output is connected may kuyllanıl oscillator instead of 555 l.

Induction Furnace Circuit HIP6601 hip6601 induction smps

Induction Furnace Circuit HIP6601 simple induction furnace basit indüksiyon firini

Source: http://rayer.ic.cz/elektro/indheatr.htm

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