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Hi Tech C LCD Examples PIC18F452, PIC16F877

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Software Hi-Tech C language prepared by the various applications of electronic sections PIC18F452 PIC16F877 PIC18F4550 based on the Hi Tech C source code and the PCB drawings and all other documents have been shared, LCD character graphics used for the conversion in the programs are

Graphic LCD display 240×128. T6963 controller

Graphic LCD display 240 * 128. T6963 controller. The display is controlled by a 18F4550. The usb is not yet managed. This screen comes from diffusion in Electronics (reference TX-1741-C3M Toshiba).

Hi Tech C  LCD Examples  PIC18F452, PIC16F877 T6963C LCD240x128 1

Graphic LCD KS0107B PIC18F452

Routines in ‘C’ to drive a 128×64 graphic LCD type OGM64GS12D / OGM128GN15D (Orion Display Technology) Lextronic home. This display uses drivers KS0107B + type + HD61203 HD61202 or KS0108B or S6B0107 + S6B0108.
The display is controlled by a PIC18F452.

Hi Tech C  LCD Examples  PIC18F452, PIC16F877 LCD ekran OGM64GS12D 128x64 PIC 18F452

Winamp LCD PIC16F877

This arrangement allows you to control Winamp from an infrared remote control and display the song title on a LCD 122×32 pixels.

It uses a PIC16F877 connected to the RS232 port of the PC to the infrared receiver. The display is assigned to a graphic LCD 122×32 (drivers NJU6450A or SED1520) with backlight in Selectronic (ref. 41.6026 to 13.50 euro including VAT). This allows to display images of 122×32 pixels, not against it displays text directly, the PIC is responsible; and can display 20 characters (x 4 lines) with 5×7 font and 15 characters with 8×8 font. The PC sends the text and images via the serial port to which the PIC transmits to the display with checksum verification. This solution saves time at the PC that does not have to manage the 5×7 and 8×8 fonts and thus divides transfers by 6-8.

Hi Tech C  LCD Examples  PIC18F452, PIC16F877

PIC18F452 Nokia 3310 LCD SPI

Nokia 3310 LCD screen LCD focussed Le piloted by un 18F452 SPI soft

Hi Tech C  LCD Examples  PIC18F452, PIC16F877 LCD SPI Nokia 3310 PIC 18F452

source: sjeffroy.free.fr Hi Tech C LCD Examples source code circuits schematic files alternative link: hi-tech-c-lcd-examples-pic18f452-pic16f877.RAR alternative link2 alternative link3

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