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All-in-One Microcontroller Experiment PCB

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A very well designed specifically for microcontroller projects useful test card can be used in many different kılıflarda integrated standard input output ports that can be used for a long period of time, a plaque is used in high quality card also can be used in large, integrated part of universal tqfp. Finally, there is available an optional printed circuit board according to the double-layer 2

All in One Microcontroller Experiment PCB prototyping board for microcontroller devices based popular microcontrollers

DIP 2,54 mm.
SOIC 1. 27 mm. SSOP 1, 0 mm.
TQFP 0.8 mm – 64/44/32
SSOP 0, 65 mm.
TQFP 0,5 mm – maksimum 64 0,5 mm
general resistances and capacitors links
USB, RS232, audio, power, memory card.

SOT23 transistor and regulator connections
0805 and 1206 connections sheath material
s so empty pad.

Source: msevm.com/2011/lab/ alternative link: all-in-one-microcontroller-experiment-pcb.rar

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