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PIC16F877 Air RGB writing

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Hello electoronic lovers.

This breaks my spare some time to compile my application I am trying to share with you.

In this article I artificially everyone said it would offer air writing application.
I first inspiration is still working on the site I bought it from.

Writing work was done in the air, but an example of a rgb thought about doing it and I tried for quite a few it

RGB writing circuit test

PIC16F877  Air RGB writing havada yazi rgb led led pov text 120x120 PIC16F877  Air RGB writing smd rgb led havada yazi leds pov display circuit 120x120 PIC16F877  Air RGB writing leds Rotating led pov havada yazi display 120x120 PIC16F877  Air RGB writing smd ledler ile havada yazi mikro c pic16f877 120x120

I took care of the software and circuit halletmesine a kind of mechanical system could not keep up . In fact, the circuit and the circuit returns to the battery with the battery run this business the easy way . I’ve watched the way the motor to the motor shaft mounted apartment that consists of rings printed circuit supply voltage via the mobile phone battery connector through the ( easy to mount and spring there is a system to chose ) power circuit moving wireless systems was to translate .

Possible cases against interruption and 1000mf10v capacitor circuit with the input voltage to ensure that fixed and I reset the PIC in . Yet Iwas able to run this system ? no. Mechanism design for everything , but I had to run in a window , but only to pack up and new application runs from the everyday bustle kursağı because of my enthusiasm I had it . But actually hooked up to the motor circuit which is great for the very slashed ! next time I’m in the circuit including transistors, resistors SMD LEDs ingredients ‘ll do it again

Isis proteus simulation of air writing applications ares pcb and code files: pic16f877-air-rgb-writing.ZIP


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