Location:320volt Electronic Load Circuit

Electronic Load Circuit

Particularly in power electronics, power supply load a simple electronic circuit that can be used in the test system based on b761 op amp, 0.1 ohm resistor is connected to the emitter of the power transistor is spent on how much power will be dissipated power is adjusted with potentiometer 1k

It is suitable for short-term and continuous exposure of DC sources such as power supplies or battery blocks and should not be missing if you have to build power supplies.
On linear potentiometer, with an approximately linear scale can be calibrated, the electricity.

The power supplies are usually circuit to be tested by the power source, as long as it does more than 5 V provenance. (The B861 is still up to 3 V.) Resistors this capacity are curiously much more expensive than transistors, but you need a proper heat sink and can not change power sources burden.

Here it was easy to hole grid plate to set up a cold body, also was to T1 (isolated) attached.

The light-emitting diode D3 serves as the operating display as well as Z-diode.
There should be a red LED voltage because of smaller river, a green for better voltage stability, a reference element integrated B589 or TL431 is excellent spannungskonstant lights did not.

Electronic Load Circuit power electronic projects

Electronic Load Circuit power electronic projects

Source: http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/%7Eheha/bastelecke/Konsumg%FCter-Bastelei/Netzteil-Tester/ Electronic Load Circuit alternative link: guc-kaynagi-test-devresi-elektronik-yuk.rar

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