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GTP USB programmer Circuit

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Archive while stirring drew my attention the famous GTS USB programmer files a timely places download’m now a classic programmer circuit was but a lot of users have all of the files that to share Isetan I in a corner, Let there;)

USB programmer PIC microcontroller and memory EEPROM with a single integrated circuit does not require an additional power supply.

GTP USB programmer

At this programmer pointed out to me some time ago It is a simple and in the world and relatively widespread programmer, yet about him with us virtually never written. The programmer has only a single integrated circuit and USB PIC18F2550 processor. It provides both communication with the computer and the actual programming of the connected circuits. In addition, the management processor and drive for programming voltage (13V) so that the connections actually very compact and simple.

GTP USB programmer PCB, schematic, program and code files: gtp-usb-programmer-circuit.rar alternative link 2 gtp-usb-programmer-circuit.ZIP

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