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Bass Looper Guitar Effects Circuit

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Guitar Effect circuit two TL072 op-amp based on the VR2 100k potentiometer with the bass setting is done circuit supply 9-volt battery is assured by current consumption is not excessive for the quality alkaline batteries run longer layouts, diagrams, pcb printed circuit boards have drawings.

Bass Looper Guitar Effects Sound Sample

A note about these audio clips. . . For comparison, each clip may have the clean bass sound first, then the effect only, then the effect being blended with the clean sound through the ParaLooper. Or, maybe just the chosen effect first, then the effect blensed with the clean sound through the ParaLooper.

The ParaLooper is something every effects-using Bass player should have, because it will ‘Bassify’ any bottom sucking, high-passing guitar pedal out there. And, it’s pretty simple to build, too. Instead of just an effect loop pedal, this is actually a little mixer that blends your straight signal with whatever effect (or chain of effects) you plug into the send & return jacks. There are controls for wet/dry balance and overal output level (boost & cut).

Experimenting with parallel effects chains a snap, in mono or stereo. For example, you can plug whatever effect(s) you have connected to the send into a second amplifier or mixer/recorder channel. It can also be used just like a two-channel mixer itself by plugging a second source into the return jack. There is also a low-pass filter (capacitor to ground) on the clean signal that can be switched in for even more low end.

Source: goo.gl/mwpF Guitar Effect Circuit Bass Looper alternative link: bass-looper-guitar-effects-circuit.rar

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