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FT232RL USB Multi Converter Circuit

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FT232RL integrated USB port using the RS232 serial conversion can be done also RS485 and UART converter is done in this circuit all in one single printed circuit on the PCB layout is also very stylish been unilaterally particular microcontroller projects also will be useful tool .. Also FT232RL manufacturer’s instructions (Future Technology Devices International) prepared “mprog” (mprog EEPROM Programming Utility) with various EEPROM program is said that this circuit http://www.ftdichip.com/support/utilities.htm#mprog

FT232RL USB Multi Converter Circuit usb rs232 rs485 uart converter device introduced tx rx

Source: bezkz.su/publ/shemy/invertory-i-preobrazovateli/300400-33-1-0-400.html alternative link: ft232rl-usb-multi-converter-circuit.rar

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