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EPE Magazine is distributed as free of mixed electronic circuits under different categories.

Home Projects circuits

Garage Link, Washing Ready Indicator circuit, Freezer Alarm circuit, Automatic Night Light circuit, World lamp, Door Protector, Alarm System Fault Finder, Fridge-Freezer Alarm, Door Defender

General circuits Projects

Forever Flasher circuit Time Delay Touch Switch circuit Find it – Dont Lose it Flash Slave Multi-Channel Transmission System Oir Light Checker circuit Pocket g-meter EPE Mood loop Pick Pocket Alarm circuit EPE Mood loop Power Supply circuit Remote Control IR Decode Wind-Up Torch circuit EPE Bounty Treasure Hunter handclap Switch circuit Opto-Alarm System circuit Sample-and-Hold EPE Hybrid Computer Transit Tracker

Hobby Circuits Projects

Automatic train Signal Camera Shutter Timer circuit BIG Ears Buggy Digital Command and Control for Model Trains Free Bird Glider Control circuit

Laboratory Circuits Equipment

Versatile Bench Power Supply Voltage Monitor Hot Power Supply circuit Versatile Current Monitor EPE Ice breaker RH Meter citcuit Micro Picscope Low Cost Capacitance Meter Frequency Standard Generator circuit Atmospheric Electricity Detector circuit

Game Circuits Projects

Quiz Game Indicator Steeplechase Game circuit

Radio Circuits Projects

High Performance regenerative receiver MK84 Shortwave Radio circuit Practical radio Circuits Part 3 Active Ferrite Loop Aerial EPE Morse Code Reader

Auto Circuits Projects

Parking Warning System Motorists Buzz Box

Audio Circuits Projects

Tape Controll Guitar Practice Amp circuit Electric Guitar Tuner circuit Simple Audio Circuits Versatile Mic-Audio Preamplifier EPE StyloPIC Handy Amp CD Preamplifier circuit Headset Communicator Tuning Fork and Metronome

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