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Electronic Compass Circuit KMZ52 Magnetic Field Sensor

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Electronic compass circuit used in the main kmz52 magnetic field sensor integrated in the market, is there I do not know, but a different application also circuit more complex does not count eagle prepared with schematic drawings, PCB drawing, measuring and testing on fluoroscopic images there.

Electronic Compass Circuit KMZ52 Magnetic Field Sensor compass circuit kmz52 elektronik pusula devresipusula

Source: Tomáš Lembard, UREL, FEEC, VUT Brno urel.feec.vutbr.cz alternative link: electronic-compass-circuit-kmz52-magnetic-field-sensor.rar

KMZ-52 Magnetic Field Sensor

KMZ52 extremely sensitive magnetic field sensor, employing the magnetoresistive effect of thin-film permalloy. The sensor contains two magnetoresistive Wheatstone bridges physically offset from one another by 90° and integrated compensation and set/reset coils. The integrated compensation coils allow magnetic field measurement with current feedback loops to generate outputs that are independent of drift in sensitivity. The orientation of sensitivity may be set or changed (flipped) by means of the integrated set/reset coils.

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