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To indicate that I’d like the system is so complicated :) known such a powerful circuit (200 amps) normal abundance IGBT used circuit diagrams to be mixed normal at the same time the cost of high control system TTL and CMOS integrated with the supplied frequency ayarlanabiliry pedal controls and display indicating all floors of the circuit diagrams and PCB files are Industrial applications can be said about this issue detailed resource to find resources found on the site circuit çalışırmı I have no idea, but for people interested in abundance documents have at least feyza be some sections for different applications can be used, for example frequency counter section or on different floors

200A TIG Welding

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TIG AC / DC welder on the basis of conventional TTL and CMOS integrated circuits The following therefore find a description of the functional TIG welders to weld capable of a maximum current of 180A under the DC (direct current) and AC (AC). This is a classic transformer welder controlled This is not a invertor! The construction is necessary to have a welding power transformer , To be of any to 200A. This transformer, a description of the article does not, in the schemes is known as Buzz Box.

1 AC-DC welding due to adjustable changes (balance) from 1% (DC-) to 99% (DC +)
2 AC adjustable frequency in the range of 15 to 400 Hz.
3 frequency pulses adjustable from 0.3 to 10 Hz.
4 The possibility of controlling the size of the welding current through the Leg pedal.
5 Setting the size of current home (Hot Start) for heating aluminum and thick materials.
6 Set the duration of Hot start.
7 Setting the size of reverse current (Dovarení crater).
8 Set the duration of dovarení crater.
9 Settings predfuku gas.
10 Settings dofuku gas.
11 HF arc ignition (non-).
12 pedal optospínacem a potentiometer.

Source: svarbazar.cz Electronic TIG Welding Schematic PCB files alternative link: electronic-tig-welding-project.rar alternative link2, alternative link3 alternative link4

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