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Boreas running Linux directly from the CD, simulation, printed circuit board and diagram drawing, on issues such as the PIC programming software that contains a custom Linux operating system Boreas Linux, Knoppix 3.6 is based. There are in electrical and electronic related software. CD. ‘The Documents folder of some of the documents contained in this software are

Boreas LINUX contains a few of the power electronic software:

Linux Simulation Programs

Gate Tk 1.8.4 / AND, OR gates, flip flops, buttons, LEDs consist of elements such as software testing digital circuits

Ksimus 0.3.6 / Digital (Logic) Simulator: Krelais 0.2 / Electrical intended for the timer and switch circuits consisting of testing a program.

NG SPICE, 0.5 / resistor, inductor, capacitors are, transistors, op-amps and so on. prepared using electronic element circuit test and that the results, a simulation software modules.

Gnucap 12:34 / SPICE engaged in the same process with a different program.

1.3.34 GTK Wave / Electronic wave of audience

A Gwav 20031224

Linux PCB Programs

1.99J PCB / Printed circuit drawing program.

Gerbv 12:16 / printed circuit board used in a program to read the standard Gerber files
Linux Package Programs

GEDA 20040111 / Scheme and the aforementioned PCB drawing program, a package consisting of gwav program.

6:05 Electric / Printed circuit schematics and simulation package program that can be done.
Programs Linux Micro controller (compilers, etc.. Programs)

Gpsim 00:20:14 / PIC wrote a software program that you can test.

Gputils 0.12.4 / a software package designed for PIC microcontrollers. (Assembler language for your own special algorithm

Jalan 0.4.60 / Pic ‘s prepared for and PIC programming is a programming language which greatly simplifies the GNU GPL license.
SDCC 2.4.0

Linux Schematic Programs

XCircuit 03.01.19 / circuit diagram of a successful program to draw added.

Other Linux Electronics Programs

pgcalc 2.2 / calculator with advanced features

Linux Electronics Programs Pack CD Download;

alternative link: http://yadi.sk/d/PE31DonZ1Utga

alternative link: http://yadi.sk/d/ykFemyIe1Uxgt

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