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Billiards Counters 0-99 Digital Counter Circuit

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Billiards Counter Circuit Application circuit and a counter circuit with detailed information on the project uygulanmasa very valuable information. Thanks to those who contributed to preparing

Billiard halls, billiard playing, use the counter to write their numbers. Old type counters, mechanical counters display cartons were turned by hand. Nowadays, electronic counters have replaced them. TTL integrated circuits made ​​of electronic billiards counters are used. Circuit is designed as a two-digit. 3 or 4 can be removed if desired number of digits. Counter the forward / backward counters (74192) Go over to the use of numbers missing or corrected immediately. Code 7447 is used as a solvent.

Electronic Billiards Counters 0-99 Digital Counter Circuit proteus isis simulation schematic pcb: billiards-counters-0-99-digital-counter-circuit.rar

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