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Handmade 5.1 Potentiometer

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On the market there are no potentiometers of 6 channel (I don’t know what the situation is) this potanslar is also used, especially if more than one channel audio 5.1 sound systems needed to make the control of the author, 6 3 piece stereo 2 channel combining potentiometer knobs located within 6 channel made ports using the screw portion of the klemanslarin a little troublesome, but could not find a practical solution to the material.

Handmade 5.1 Potentiometer 5 1 channel volume control 6 kanal potans

Handmade 5.1 Potentiometer 5 channel volume control using single potentiometer

Handmade 5.1 Potentiometer potansiyometre diy potans hack

source: radioaktiv.ru

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