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Simple metal detector circuit in walls for metals

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Siliconchip shared for free on the site where one of the projects sold stock fitters use a little more of a detector device is simple, inexpensive version can be called at short-range metal detector.

In-wall cables are used to find metals known within the walls of electricity, water and so on. There are systems in place for any arrangements necessary to determine their

LM358 opamp circuit and based on the popular 555 timer works with a 9 volt battery used for metal detection coil wire from 0.25mm to 20.5mm plastic turmoil over 400 to be wound round nails, etc. used as an indicator LEDs dim lights. metals such as bright lights with low metal content (copper cable, etc.). reportedly detected

walls metal detector circuit

Simple metal detector circuit in walls for metals metal dedektor blok diagram

source: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/ Simple metal detector circuit alternative link simple-metal-detector-circuit-in-walls-for-metals.rar alternative link 2 basit-metal-dedektor.rar alternative link3

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