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DSPIC Propeller Clock Circuit

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Air Time or propeller clock Propeller Clock much more simple microcontrollers with can be done but the authors project quite a quality job had removed to check DSPIC30F6015 microcontroller is used BLDC motors from the hard disk removed to control the speed TB6588FGES integrated the use of the watch, as well as animation can view the RC5 control control there software C prepared by language source code library include hahil have dosyalarıda in addition TB6588 motor driver and control PIC30F6015 solid eagle pcb, schema files are also available.

Finally, the second version of the circuit have the same microcontroller used in a slightly different but more powerful hardware used large MPJET8063 engine is driven with 64 integrated LEDs STP16CP05 as in other projects feature all the resources given the same ..

Propeller Clock Circuit: Rotating LED display is very demanding in terms of precise timing and display. There are also spot-mentioned design requirements 32 (v2 64 leds) LEDs in a single row on the shoulder, brightness control refresh rate and the associated speed measurement 120 (or 240) arm positions during a single revolution, ie. angle ? = 360 ° / 120 ° = 3 ° (1.5 °) real-time clock backup battery external EEPROM for future extensions control mode with the remote control code RC-5 5 V supply

Propeller Clock circuit v1

Propeller Clock circuit v2

DSPIC Propeller Clock Circuit havada saat pervane saat propeller clock

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