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LED Display Speed Meter Circuit with AT89C51

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Speed Meter Circuit consists of four parts. These Supply solid floor Sensor sensor, microcontroller and microcontroller solid hexadecimal numbers we obtained from the 7-segment display technology with time code converter solid. Program Keil µVision3 AT89C51 microcontroller.

Supply DC 12V working with solids. However, by 7805 we have achieved solid display technology and microcontroller is supplied with 5V regulated. 12V opam the feeds OPAMPs from sensors to information received by the comparator works as and with the potentiometer we determine the reference voltage sensors have achieved with voltage compare output 0-12’re getting 12V ​​to microcontroller directly would not go zener 5.1V a fix and this information logic 5V and 0V used it as we are .

AT89C51 Speed Meter Schematic

LED Display Speed Meter Circuit with AT89C51 8051 display gostergeli hiz 74ls47 150x150

AT89C51 LED Display Speed Meter Circuit keil source code and proteus isis simulation schematic files: led-display-speed-meter-circuit-with-at89c51.rar author: Serdal ARSLAN

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