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Dremel 4000 With hand-made Table saw

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Hand-made circular saws before projects were based on the reference to the Proxxon Bandsaw to cut circular saw Assembly and PCB in this study, hobby, shop in the popular Dremel 4000 is also used as a template for all of the measures established for sawing machine mechanism can be used with the printer output is given. On the bright side, all the necessary materials for the author saw machine made with the dremel 4000 again:)

Dremel 4000 With hand made Table saw dremel 4000 tablesaw router shaper dremel rotary tool

Dremel 4000 With hand made Table saw 4000 dremel table saw router shaper plans

source: instructables.com/id/Mini-Tablesaw-Router-Shaper-for-Dremel-rotary-/ Sawing Machine Template drawings and information: dremel-4000-with-hand-made-table-saw.rar alternative link2

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