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What is the Dreambox What is the difference from other receivers

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Technology is moving fast to catch up on everything as it was difficult to keep up with innovations in satellite earth “Dreambox” technology is not new, but many of us still get a text :)

Dreambox `s biggest feature only one satellite receiver is that there is actually a mini computer (power-pc’s called) operating system memory (usually flash memory) and other necessary hardware as a PC plus a satellite receiver feature is located on.

Our memory refers linux operating system flash memory instead of hard disks on some models, you can connect USB memory can record broadcasts in capacity are increased. What a lot of advantages compared to other receivers though there’s no limit to channel a variety of computer programs by establishing simple web server, mail server, in this case, of course, be used as a low battery in DreamBox will need to know how to use the Linux version

What is Dreambox? Dreambox Wiki

Dreambox The Linux-based production software originally used by Dreambox was originally developed for DBox2, by the Tuxbox project. The Dbox2 was a proprietary design distributed by KirchMedia for their pay TV services. The bankruptcy of KirchMedia flooded the market with unsold boxes available for Linux enthusiasts. The Dreambox shares the basic design of the DBox2, including the Ethernet port and the PowerPC processor.

Its firmware is officially user-upgradable, since it is a Linux-based computer, as opposed to third-party “patching” of alternate receivers. All units support Dream’s own DreamCrypt conditional access (CA) system, with software-emulated CA Modules (CAMs) available for many alternate CA systems. The built-in Ethernet interface allows networked computers to access the recordings on the internal hard disks on some Dreambox models. It also enables the receiver to store digital copies of DVB MPEG transport streams on Network file systems or broadcast the streams as IPTV to VideoLAN and XBMC Media Center clients. Unlike many PC based PVR systems that use free-to-air type of DVB receiver cards, the built-in conditional access allows receiving and storing encrypted content.

In 2007, Dream Multimedia also introduced a non-Linux based Dreambox receiver, the DM100, their sole to date, still featuring an Ethernet port. It has a USB-B port for service instead of the RS232 or mini-USB connectors found on other models.[1] Unlike all other Dreamboxes, it features an STMicroelectronics CPU instead of PowerPC or MIPS.

Dream-box things entrants in the market is the convenience of the users passwords servers :) abroad with links established with the server you are connecting to the internet Dreambox and passwords are constantly updating :)

You know over the computer satellite broadcasts, once very interested could see though still current for the job most famous digital tv card skay star 2 on our computer this card insert pro-dvb program with satellite monitors in dvd quality record were even via satellite, a lot of file download could (hook) Anyway let’s not get into this subject: D now we use a single device to these jobs will feed

But when buying Dreambox technical support updates the status of the password search settings, etc. will occupy a lot about

2 model features that are popular in the market

Dreambox 800 hd dm800

What is the Dreambox What is the difference from other receivers dreambox 800 hd dm800

Tuner Twin tuner (optional)
Operating system: Linux
Video connections: DVI-HDMI
Supported video formats: MPEG2-MPEG4/H.264 & WM9 (HDTV compliant)
CPU Processor: 723-MHz IBM
Memory RAM: 128 MB
Flash Memory Memory: 32 Mb
Internet: 100 MBit Ethernet interface Mini PCI slot
Software: Slimline DVD player (optional) HDD (optional) Slimline DVD player
2 x Smart card reader & 1 SIM card reader (internal)
USB 2.0 support

Dreambox 500s dm500s

What is the Dreambox What is the difference from other receivers dreambox 500S dm500s

Processor CPU: 250 MHz IBM Power-PC (350 Mips)
Operating system: Linux
Internet: 100Mbit Ethernet Interface
Supports multiple LNB (DiSEqC) supports
SPD I / F Interface for digital audio output (AC-3 / DTS)
1 x Scart interface (software control)
1 x Smart card reader
hardware MPEG2

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