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DAC Circuit CS8416 CS4398

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Digital audio applications have not done anything but CS8416 (192 kHz Digital Audio Receiver) and CS4398 (CS4398: 120 dB, 24-Bit, 192 kHz Stereo D / A Converter) integrated carried out with the DAC module circuitry of the person concerned may be useful to PCB drawing is so much quality

What is the DAC?

DAC, DAC or D-to-A (Digital to Analog Converter) that can be translated into our language as digital-to-analog converter is a special identification. Especially since the emergence of the CD, the media having the recorded data due to digital data converted into analog has been used for the purpose. Mounted into the chassis of a CD player, although as will be used as a separate device. In particular, appears in separate use professional equipment. The purpose of the CD reading mechanisms of mechanical vibrations and other electronic components inside the device during the digital to analog conversion is to minimize interaction. With different technologies, though, CD, SACD, DVD-like digital recording platforms all used to do

DAC Circuit

DAC  Circuit CS8416 CS4398  d a c dac cs8416 cs4398 d to a digital to analog converter

DAC  Circuit CS8416 CS4398  cs8416 cs4398 dac schema dac circuit

CS8416 CS4398 DAC Module eagle pcb diagram: dac-circuit-cs8416-cs4398.rar

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