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Multi function RC5 Remote RGB Led Control Circuit PIC16F737

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PIC16F737 RGB led control circuit based on microcontroller for remote control (RC5 Protocol) can work with different modes according to the color of the color change of the environment with the photo sensor a905013. Quick, easy color change control over specifying a single color, etc. The author used the pic output 12v 5 mm led Ribbon le PWM method of traversing circuit with MOSFETs BUZ71 12v 3 amps (150 led to 3a) adapter with the executable.

Multi function RC5 Remote  RGB Led Control Circuit PIC16F737 rgb led pwm hardware ambi light which follows leds

Attributes specified on a control this way, hiding the power outage 24C04 adjustments to eeprom, etc. in the settings change the schema of the project eagle, pcb drawings and welding. asm, hex codes.

RGB LED Ambiance

For a backlit wall of my living with RGB LED I bought 5 meters LEDleisten and a corresponding control device. About the controller could set different program, but I wanted a change of color without the viewer perceives it consciously.

Very slow color change, PWM hardware, Controlled via infrared remote control, Light sensor for automatic turn-off of certain brightness level, Permanent storage of all parameters

PIC 16F737 with 3 hardware PWM, unfortunately without its own EEPROM, Photo resistor for determining the ambient brightness, Infrared sensor for remote control TSOP 1738, 24C04 EEPROM using I2C, Outputs connected through MOSFET BUZ71, Power Supply 12V 3A (laptop power supply), 5m 12V LED strips 150 LED

Source: wagenlehner.net/Decoder/Ambiente/index.html alternative link: multi-function-rc5-remote-rgb-led-control-circuit-pic16f737.rar

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