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Multi-Purpose Picmicro Test Boards

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18 pin 28 pin 40 pin microcontroller series for a very pic usb rs232 multi-purpose development, test circuit ISCP has links with the on-board outputs can be connected upside additional apparatus has all the pcb files

The Picmicro Test Boards uses a PCI socket and even had an old PC to tear desoldering it, build super plate Nocturne and then solder the socket made me ponder a compromise, but flexible, which serve with little exfuerzo for common PIC (8, 18, 28 and 40 pins for example) through the socket to pin connector. Thus was born the Multiboard distributing connector ports in 4 combs 12 each, the first would have common inputs and outputs and the rest would be used or not according to CIP.

Picmicro Test Development Boards Project

Multi Purpose Picmicro Test Boards multiboard pic trainer

Multi Purpose Picmicro Test Boards multi board pic trainer

Source: sergiols.blogspot.com/ Picmicro Test Development Boards schematic pcb files alternative link: picmicro-test-development-boards.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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