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3-Axis PC Parallel Port Stepper Motor CNC Control Circuit

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At the output of integrated circuit based on the 7409 L297 Used IRLZ14 (12 pieces) is being MOSFETs. Computer connectivity is provided via the parallel port

For control Cnfrais to, Kellyca, I Cncpro, WinPCNC, Desknc programs mentioned parallel port support that you know CNC softwares in use in pdf format pcb, schema files are also the source protel 98 dosyalarıda’s (. Schema,. Pcb)

3 Axis PC LPT Stepper Motor Control Board

In the final document is a list of board components CNC3AX. Start with soldering the smallest components, resistors, diodes, then capacitors and connectors. Place the IC on media (or tulip lyre) in order to replace them in case of malfunction. Weld then 12 transistors. Depending on the engines used will require changing the reference of these transistors (MOSFET). If you use more than two engines amps per phase, it will put the transistors on a radiator has high dissipation. Do not forget to insert between the radiator and the transistors to an insulation kit avoid short circuits. Use a heater on the voltage regulator 7805. Without the card cooler function correctly. The power of the card must be done with a regulated power supply between 9 and 12 volts max, 500 mA. The power of the engines can be 12 volts to 40 volts. Watch out for chemical capacitors, check that the operating voltage is greater than the supply voltage motors.

source: CNC3AX pc kontrol 3-Axis Stepper Motor CNC Control Circuit schematic pcb files alternative link : a3-axis-pc-parallel-port-stepper-motor-cnc-control-circuitguitar-effects-simple-fuzz-face-circuit.rar

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