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Especially for people who are interested in making robots that will be useful to the document’s quite as well as it MC68, AVR series of microcontrollers has been with the project.

Mobile robot, the robot arm applications, mechanical data, formulas, and it’s a lot more information. Here’s a pdf file of about 110 robots in a majority of circuit boards used in the construction of a variety of drawings to work for you know.

Note: I just updated the links of the deleted file a detailed look at the project’s different, I think I do a lot of downloading and viewing archives will not work, disconnect circuit

Several Robot, Projects Microcontroller Theses robot circuit robot projeleri robot devreleri 120x120 Several Robot, Projects Microcontroller Theses robot microcontroller 120x120 Several Robot, Projects Microcontroller Theses robot tekerlekli robotik 120x120 Several Robot, Projects Microcontroller Theses robot tezleri 120x120

Robot Project Theses

Axis robot control algorithms implementation ( Slawomir Gore, 1998)
Manipulator control system for research (Christopher Jarzabek , 1999)
Stereowizj rapid methods for image matching ( in Burdziakows Olaf , 1999)
Three-dimensional active triangulation system ( Maciej Miklas , 2000)
Active three-dimensional scene analysis based on stereowizj (Andrew Stach , 2000)
A robomous – a small robot for research purposes (Arthur Honisch , 2001)
To find and classify objects using color images ( Wojciech Pietkiewicz , 2002)
Dynamic features , including mobile robot control (Mark Kabbalah , 2002)
Collaboration with visual manipulator system ( the Mark Duchins , 2003)
Robot movement control algorithms operating position ( Rafal Wegner, 2003)
Visual inspection system as a tool spindle assembly ( Duchiewicz Thomas, 2004)
Implementation and testing two-wheeled robot control algorithms ( in Robert Szlaws , 2004)
Force feedback control with the use of rotary joint ( Mariusz Janiak , 2005)
Two- wheeled robot control – study specific algorithms (Christopher Kajnar , 2005)
Observation of a small mobile robot with a camera around (Thomas Salamon, 2005)
Manipulator designed for educational purposes ( Zbigniew Struzik , 2005)
The performance characteristics of electric drives used in robotics (Michael Juszczak , 2006)
Features an open two-wheeled robot sensors ( Przemyslaw Lisowski , 2006)
Image sequence based on motion detection and parameters ( Krzysztof Charus , 2007)
Implementation of driver behavior in a small robot ( Arkadiusz Materek , 2007)
In a manner known location and classification of moving objects (Matthew Slomka, 2007)
To examine the dynamic properties of a small robot teaching positions ( Pawel Kuna, 2008)
Simple detection and tracking moving objects using distance sensors ( Leszek Kubiak , 2008)
For the analysis of the movement and position of objects in the visual system (Paul Melnarowicz , 2008)
Using human visual system to recognize emotions (Martin Reflection, 2008)
Vortices to control the manipulator motion of the object using the visual system ( the Robert Lukiers , 2008)
Implementation of small mobile robot interaction ( with Robert Kucz , 2008)
Non-linear transmission with a simple manipulator ( Masternak Bartosz , 2008)
Mobile robot navigation using Inertial sensors (Luke Wanderer , 2009)
To save the changes in the environment of the robot vision system ( Matt Piaseczny , 2009)
Registration and analysis of moving objects in three-dimensional space ( in Muraszkows Arthur, 2009)
Social video heads for a robot (Robert Budzinski , 2010)

Engineering Projects

HC08 Microcontroller and Robotics Applications – teaching position (Sebastian achievements, 2011)
Two-wheeled robot platform level sensors Stabilization (Mark Gulanows, the 2011)
Locating objects using the camera, and proximity sensor (Tomasz Mazurkiewicz, 2011)
Mobile robots collision detection (Adam Pyke, 2011)
Registration robot motion based on inertial sensor data (Rafal Wojciechowski, 2011)

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