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Car Amplifier Circuit with STK4131-II

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Complete car amp in a project stk4131 amp solid-II solid KA3525A DC-DC converter (SG3525) is located in the Filter section based on the bass opampli also tl074 DC-DC converter, the primary windings of the transformer circuit used; 2×6 2x type 9 secondary species (connected in parallel with wire Section 2 1mm) of the circuit diagram I do not have expresspcb source prepared with a program writes the values of all the materials on the PCB there is PCB drawing

eproje forums @northeastern PCB design is a circuit that is shared by ugur Yilmaz made by fasting. Thank you to the people who contributed to prepare

Car Amplifier Circuit with STK4131 II  stk4131 amfi devresi

Quote; Smps + Out + Delay + Lpf + thermal fan Driver circuit by adding the last has become. After removing the PCB, Plug-and-play installation with a successful performance exhibits.The NTC 47k on the PCB should be mounted on the heatsink close to the chip as shown with the cable.When the temperature exceeds 40C, the fan is automatically activated, and until this has been down to working temperature.Automatically activated when heat falls below 40C.

Previous applications of this work are used in different circuits assembled on a PCB that is a form of.For this reason, I didn’t put into the schema file.

Our show circuit voltage of PCB for 3 LEDs in the bottom left corner I added.These LEDs +13.8 V battery Input + and – voltage on the supply lines allows you to see.

Car Amplifier Circuit with STK4131 II  oto amfi araba amfi stk4131 2

Car Amplifier Circuit with STK4131 II  stk4131 car amp circuit pcb

Car Amplifier Circuit with STK4131 II  stk4131 car amplifier circuit pcb

expresspcb : http://www.expresspcb.com/ExpressPCBHtm/Download.htm

STK4131-II pcb: stk4131-ii-komple-araba-amfi-projesi.rar

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