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Fake Capacitors

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I saw with my eyes open or do not go at it: D Integrated say fake fake fake Transistor (Casing, potatoes) Capacitors saw in

Counterfeit Capacitor I will not lie clever :) Who would have thought the 6800uF capacitor inside the 2200uF will appear guess china job: D what you’re strange importers cheaper cheaper says they practice in passing :) especially popular, widely used materials counterfeit prevalent in the market ..

Fake Capacitors counterfeit capacitor sahte kondansator sahte malzeme

Fake STK Series Amplifier ICs

original STK730-090

Fake Capacitors orjinal stk730 090

Fake STK730-090

Fake Capacitors sahte stk730 090

original STK4048

Fake Capacitors orjinal stk4048

Fake STK4048

Fake Capacitors sahte stk4048

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