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C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control

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C language dealing with the business of the electronic to the floor to people who want to be your source for inspiration can take most of the projects in the program, the source of the C / C + + code has also exe in case there are some circuits animations working system understanding helps a lot in this type of animation, the preparation can learn hopefully :) circuit between the telephone call ID Study CM8870 record numbers in the program is very interesting visually as well understood;)

Serial communication with door

C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control serial communication with door

The article is still being produced, but below the software can now be copied via download. O Software atual é Freeware (uso livre). The current software is Freeware (free use).The program below is ideal to test the communication between two computers, circuits with microcontrollers, devices in general that uses the Serial communication. few commands to test the modem with this software, for it is only in select your modem port which is installed (COM1, COM2 …)

Control of Motor the parallel port

C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control control engine step using uln2003

Motor steps are of electro-magnetic mechanical devices that can be controlled digitally through a specific hardware or through software.MOTOR steps to be found in devices where precision is a very important factor.They are widely used in printers, plotters, scanners, drivers, floppy disks, hard disks and many other appliances.

Electronic devices controlled via internet

C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control electronic devices controlled via internet

The objective of the project drawn up here, is to control and monitor electronic devices remotely via the Internet, and easily understandable by those who love the world of Telematics, Teleprocessamento, Electronics, Programming, finally, to all those who arouse curiosity in the matter. The project has no kind of security against undue control or access by outside users.This project may mature later, using login and password, but also protection via Firewell. Can be controlled (on / off) until 8 electronic devices, sensors and tracked by 5 at least every 1 second, and at most 10 seconds. It takes at least three computers connected to the Internet so that we can establish the control and monitoring devices / sensors

Monitor 32 Sensors the parallel port

C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control monitor32 sensors simultaneously parallel port

Now, we can simultaneously monitor 32 devices and the “right time” reads 32 sensors connected to the parallel port through this project. Who works with the parallel port knows that it has only 12 outlets: (8 in the registry database and 4 in the Registry of control), thus enabling the control of only 12 devices simultaneously.The project developed in this article uses only 3 pins the parallel port to control the 32 devices connected to the interface circuit, composed simply of 4 ICs Shift Register 74LS164N and 4 Latchs 74HCT573 and some auxiliary components. I read the 32 circuit that uses sensors 7 Pin the parallel port. Still, are available 6 exits and 1 parallel port of entry to do what you want with them.

Connectivity 8 key Serial port microcontroller

C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control connectivity 8key serialport via microcontroller accesscontrol

The program recorded on the PIC was written in C language and has over 1,000 lines of source code. In this article is available free for download, code Hex record for the PIC 16F877 and manage up to a maximum of 2 keyboards, ideal for beginning to develop and master the technology. Up to two keyboards, provide the PIC already written, ready to be added to the hardware available in this article. You are not limited to only one operating system to develop applications for controlling access to that hardware. It may develop into Linux and other operating systems.

8 step motors control to the parallel port

C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control 8step motors parallel port

The circuit interfacing with the parallel port is the same Article DSP32es, except that instead of the 32 outlets will use LEDs in 4 drivers ULN2803 to control the 8-step motors. The whole logic of control will be the responsibility of the software. The secret Software is the proper manipulation of bits, and to understand their operation, it is important to remember the concepts of bits, Nibbles, bytes, binary operators AND, OR e de deslocamento. AB and displacement.

The caller ID for sings DTMF

C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control integrated circuit cm8870 operation

C om the use of the CM8870 and some other auxiliary components you can create a remote-control device via telephone or radio network. Through a phone or a cell phone, a kilometer away from our residence, we can turn on / off a lamp or any other device that is connected to the controller circuit. circuit is connected to the parallel port, and all the processing, scheduling and organization of data recognized by the CM8870 is done by the LPT ID program The interface to the parallel port for data entry recognized, was fully photo-coupled with the use of high-speed MOC5009. The photo-coupling was necessary to eliminate the noise generated by the computer to the phone line, and at the same time protect the same high-tension.

C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control dtmf lpt id save

Source: rogercom.com/ C Language Computer and Electronic Circuit Control source code schematic files (only the free) alternative link: only-the-freec-language-computer-and-electronic-circuit-control.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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