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Brenner 9 USB PICmicro Programmer PIC18F2550

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Brenner 9 had shared with the new version of sprut. usb programmer circuit for PIC and dsPIC series of shared supports advanced (pıc18fxxjxx, PIC24 dspıc33) circuit again based on PIC18F2550

Also in addition to Brenner 8 3.3 9 volt adapter circuit diagram provided with the appliance can be programmed with eight in advanced integrated

Brenner 9 supported PIC microcontrollers

33FJ128GP206 33FJ128GP306 33FJ128GP310 33FJ128GP706
33FJ128GP708 33FJ128GP710 33FJ128GP80233FJ128GP804
33FJ128MC20233FJ128MC20433FJ128MC506 33FJ128MC510 33FJ128MC706 33FJ128MC708 33FJ128MC710 33FJ12GP201
33FJ12GP202 33FJ12MC201 33FJ12MC202 33FJ16GP304
33FJ16MC304 33FJ256GP506 33FJ256GP510 33FJ256GP710 33FJ256MC510 33FJ256MC710 33FJ32GP202
33FJ32GP204 33FJ32GP302 33FJ32GP30433FJ32MC202 33FJ32MC204 33FJ32MC302 33FJ32MC304
33FJ64GP206 33FJ64GP306 33FJ64GP31033FJ64GP706 33FJ64GP708 33FJ64GP71033FJ64GP802
33FJ64GP804 33FJ64MC202 33FJ64MC20433FJ64MC506 33FJ64MC508 33FJ64MC510 33FJ64MC706 33FJ64MC710

24FJ128GA006 24FJ128GA008 24FJ128GA010 24FJ16GA002 24FJ16GA004 24FJ32GA002
24FJ32GA004 24FJ48GA002 24FJ48GA004 24FJ64GA002 24FJ64GA004 24FJ64GA006
24FJ64GA008 24FJ64GA010 24FJ96GA006 24FJ96GA008 24FJ96GA010

24HJ128GP206 24HJ128GP210 24HJ128GP304 24HJ128GP306 24HJ128GP310
24HJ128GP506 24HJ128GP510 24HJ128GP802 24HJ12GP201
24HJ12GP202 24HJ12MC201 24HJ12MC202 24HJ16GP304 24HJ256GP206
24HJ256GP210 24HJ256GP610 24HJ32GP202 24HJ32GP204
24HJ32GP302 24HJ32GP304 24HJ64GP202 24HJ64GP204 24HJ64GP206
24HJ64GP210 24HJ64GP502 24HJ64GP504 24HJ64GP506 24HJ64GP510

18F24J10 18F25J10 18F44J10 18F45J10 18F63J11 18F63J90
18F64J11 18F64J90 18F65J1018F65J11 18F65J15 18F65J50
18F65J90 18F66J10 18F66J11 18F66J15 18F66J16
18F66J50 18F66J55 18F66J60 18F66J65 18F67J10 18F67J11 18F67J50 18F67J60
18F83J11 18F83J90 18F84J11 18F84J90 18F85J10
18F85J11 18F85J15 18F85J50 18F85J90 18F86J10 18F86J11 18F86J15
18F86J16 18F86J50 18F86J55 18F86J60 18F86J65 18F87J10 18F87J11
18F87J50 18F87J60 18F96J60 18F96J65 18F97J60

Brenner 9 USB PICmicro Programmer PIC18F2550 brenner9 pic programmer

Source: sprut.de/ Brenner 9 USB PICmicro Programmer schematic pcb code files alternative link: brenner-9-usb-picmicro-programmer-pic18f2550.rar alternative link2, link3

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