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60 Seconds Stopwatch Circuit

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Authors at the bowling alley I have to use a 60-second timer circuit rules should prepare 60sec. ball in the need to throw :) Anyway circuit pic16f876 microcontroller based on the output of the 2N2222 transistors with a strengthened SMD LEDs are driven writer stopwatch circuit oversized display has not used instead SMD LEDs display prepare software mikroC prepared with the C source and hex code are also proteus isis simulation files pcb drawings there is

Circuit power up the “START” button is pressed 15sec countdown begins. stayed 1 .2 seconds, buzzer, raspy singing meanwhile counting buzzer is silent when the time expires buzzer, 1 .2 seconds seconds long term singing and counter back to the beginning in addition reset and re-count-Buttons there …

60 Seconds Stopwatch Circuit circuit official timer 60 sec smd led display bowling alley countdown timer circuit

source: fabrice.sincere.pagesperso-orange.fr/cm_electronique/projet_pic/compteur_petanque_2/compteur_petanque_2.htm alternative link: 60-seconds-stopwatch-circuit-mikroc-pic16f876a.RAR

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