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Images and text on the wheel LED display Bicycle wheels

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Wheel LED display went through an upgrade. A new version, which is able to portray the images as well as text on both sides of a bicycle wheel. The old version the display portrays only unilaterally. The article described the win application for uploading images to the LED display wheeled. The application is, of course, freely distributable-freeware.

Many of us in the air writing project know the one in the air, so the project had on this project so the difference of the circuit bicycle wheels used in and work the beauty of writing or shape of the circuit with its own programs can install illustrated instruction manual and PCBs have drawings. PIC16F628 circuit based on MAX232 used for serial communications post.

LED Bicycle wheels

Images and text on the wheel LED display Bicycle wheels jant led bisiklet led havada yazi

As in the old as well as in the new version we have 4 sliding indexes. Models have been used in this 74HCT4094. I just made these, they are able to push through more mainstream than other types of index 4094. You can also use the shift register 74HC4094. At least there is a CMOS type suitable for thus specifically 4xxx 4094 or CD4094. As regards the innovation circuit at the registers, you may notice that the registry on their outcomes appear to be the cathode LEDs. What is the current alarm LEDs work best in terms of engagement. Because of the internal switching elements of the register is the smallest voltage drop in status output 4094 a logical 0. If we compare with the previous version, so we need to invert text as well as image to make it backward compatibly. Therefore, the associated jumper JP2 pin-2 neg LED port RA3 to processor. In the original version of what is missing.

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