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Atmel AT90S2313 Computer-Controlled Scrolling LED Text

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All details were shared with the marquee circuit computer control program atmel at90s2313 source software image format PCB, schematics and drawings have OrCAD source.
The marquee on the circuit

The marquee circuit 350 leds microcontroller atmel at90s2313 LEDs 7 74HC595 is driven by over computer font information with serial ports are pc software windows xp works with also the program’s source for Borland C + + files are.

Atmel AT90S2313  Computer Controlled Scrolling LED Text atmel at90s2313 kayan yazi devresi

Scrolling LED Features

50 x 7 LED
Computer link RS232 (serial port)
The optional static text or dynamic text (from the computer)
Automatic text source selection
The longest static text length of 768 characters
Programmable text, 256 different characters
Character width of 0-5 pixels (+ optional blank column)

Test submitters programs

Electronic circuits and computer to combine a wonderful thing, unfortunately about programming I do not know, but C + + dealing with and electronic information for people with a marquee program will be very useful by developing different applications or pic series micro controllers can be arranged for, I think. Also features a handy moon face is very good also “Play from the web” option enabled on the web from a site article can be sent to

Example to use test submission software

Source: koti.mbnet.fi/zyc/ Computer Scrolling circuit schematic pcb etc. alternative link: atmel-at90s2313-computer-controlled-scrolling-led-text.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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