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Dynamo-Powered Bike LED Lights

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White LEDs in lighting and more powerful power LEDs are now used in all areas. We shared a lot earlier project led lighting led lights for bikes in the current article, I will discuss the application.

Led the supply of the bike from the alternator getting additional batteries not need to use the picture above you can see the headlights per channel 40 white leds led to the placement of LED flashlight fragmentation led the portion in the separated bike placed.

You can also use fewer LEDs with MOSFETs controlled in various ways in different circuits between 4 …. 10 LED’s

Bike LED Lighting Circuit

Dynamo Powered Bike LED Lights bike dinamo led bisiklet ledler far

Source: goo.gl/ph9e Bike LED Lights Dynamo circuit alternative link: dynamo-powered-bike-led-lights.zip

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