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Simple USB Charging Circuit

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MP4, MP3 Player, Mobile phones, various devices can be charged from a computer’s USB port charger adapter also in these devices usually designed according to standard USB cable and PC with a single USB connection cable from the charging adapter can be made. Made in China mp4 player I’ve studied for use in a very simple charger has a charging circuit.

Charger adapter is pretty simple 5-volt output that roughly consists of two parts of the SMPS section and charging control section

Made in China Li-ion Charger Circuit Diagram

Simple USB Charging Circuit

Simple USB Charging Circuit

Circuit of the SMPS section 5 volt output is given secondaries In the control section a simple one-transistor (S9015) circuit with a 3.7-volt Li-ion battery charging circuit the red LED glows steady green LED battery connection is established on when the battery is full after flashing a few models I’ve studied the control section the same count differences rechargeable battery current by the SMPS power and R1 resistance value of 180 .250 ma li-ion battery for 5.6Ω 480 .680 mA battery for 1.5Ω 2.7Ω saw being used SMPS part which is defective charger adapter control portion outside the 5-volt source and the I tested worked fine for charging circuit has an mp4 player

If the battery player, or other device in the charging If so a direct connect the battery going second circuit D1 and C1 elements add the cause of the player in the circuit adapter input + section of these elements is not the charger is connected directly + battery does not reach the player in the circuit of these elements over the charging process is going on.

BC547 NPN transistor is an application for mobile phones charger is carried out with

Simple USB Charging Circuit basit sarj devresi

source: http://www.pablox.cq.sk/Elektrotechnika/Liion/Liion.htm

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