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Simple LDR control circuit

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Electronics were beginners can implement a simple control circuit is simple and low cost construction. Prepared circuit thanks to those who contributed.

Circuit diagrams and printed circuit board top view of the bottom;

Simple LDR control circuit ldr devresi bc548 Simple LDR control circuit ldr kontrol devresi baski devre pcb


A circuit which is sensitive to LDR LDR dir.ışıg control circuit, as soon as the light falls on the resistance value drops to very small proportions. In this way, the base terminal of the transistor BC548 is provided to + voltage and transistor arrive comes to insulation. If light falling on the range of ARD ARD then the resistance will rise and the collector-emitter of the transistor conduction current flow by providing reacted LEDs are burned. Thus, our circuit is used to provide light in the darkness.

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