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PIC16F84 RF Fish Detector Circuit

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Circuit second part consists of water released into the rf-makers and the information will appear RF-receiver circuit two circuit pic 16f84 micro-controller based on the pic “Reed Relay” use and relay operation rf to convey a sample project also modules source MPLAB files (asm, hex, etc.).’s top to bottom in pdf format PCB, circuit diagrams have a list of materials

4 red LEDs and buzzer on the RF receiver circuit with the signal status can be monitored. Author of the circuit to detect fish under the water for balIkcIsI mention that :) transmitter circuit must be watertight boxed says.

Fish Detector Circuit

PIC16F84 RF Fish Detector Circuit pic16f84 fr alici verici reed role

Fishing for how effective it can be useful I do not know, but the source code and presence of a hardware reed relays, RF modules use a good example also comes to my mind this circuit burglar alarm circuit as was the development picprograml with people interested in different ideas can give.

This is a set which allows the detection of transmission of the key information with HF to a receiver. Manufacturing is not within reach of a beginner. There is much work to achieve the electronic part that the mechanical part (inclusion in enclosures) The transmitter is designed to be embedded in a waterproof case and attached to a stick wedged in fishing action which it will detect the vibration sensor using a pen. Upon detection, there is transmission of an identification code to a receiver. A receiver can handle 4 sticks. At a reception, if the code is identified, a buzzer sounds and LED lights. The LED remains lit until the fisherman does not give the order of extinction. System design that 4 receivers, so a total of 16 sticks, can operate in the same environment.

source:  pagesperso-orange.fr/Doumai Fish Detector schematic source code files alternative : pic16f84-rf-fish-detector-circuit.rar

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