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BD244 Transistor Li-ion Lipo Battery Charge Circyit Balancing

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Cordless battery-powered drill, toys and so on. especially in the charging of devices like mp4, dvd divx, models used in model applications can use in lithium polymer battery charge balancing of the transistor featuring lithium-ion, lithium-polymer battery charging circuit

Charging circuit “elektroda.pl” a member cordless drills on the forums used to charge batteries with serial connections 2, 3 AA batteries or the rechargeable battery can be used more groups connected in parallel.

Balancing charge circuit

BD244 Transistor Li ion Lipo Battery Charge Circyit Balancing Li Ion Li Pol balancer charger circuit

Source: http://www.zajic.cz/omezovac/omezovac.htm Balancing battery charger circuit pcb, schematic alternative link: bd244-transistor-li-ion-lipo-battery-charge-circyit-balancing.RAR

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