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Regulated power supply for the relay bypass circuit

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Off-Line UPS Uninterruptible power supplies mains voltage rises or falls relay by-pass system thanks to the transformer input primary section level varies USP transformer primary section of various voltage ranges are wrapped 190v, 220v, 250v and so on. In this way, constant voltage output is taken.

Power supply can use for circuit by-pass system is very similar to, you know the regulator’s behind how much voltage if that power is being consumed for example, 0-30V regulated power supply have output voltage of 5 volts when you set back approximately 25v expects the rest of this voltage is spent half your power transistors extreme heats

In addition, this system commercially available in 0-30V regulated power supply though they are being used and transformer output stage 3 .4 trfo do not use multi-standard types will find it easier to have our circuit suitable for two winding transformers

Bypass Circuit Test

Bypass circuit diagram and operation

Regulated power supply for the relay bypass circuit bypass devresi lm741 opamp role bc557 150x150

Circuit LM741 op-amp based on the cube type relay 12v I used the readily available commercially. Where detailed information about the LM741 op amp

Operation of the circuit logic is very simple output voltage by the transformer windings of making the switch, such as 0-30v power supply’s output 12v have set circuit transformer single winding 0 – 15v section of the bridge diode connected to the will of the bridge diode output around 20v will be 20-12 = 8 volts stay behind power transistors will be less heat, less power will spend

LM741 is connected to the leg number 2 instead of 8.2 k potentiometer can use 10 4.8km Set I’ve used in the test circuit output voltage of 14 volts when the relay is active when

Transformer relay connection and operation

Regulated power supply for the relay bypass circuit trafo role baglantisi 150x150

Relay operation voltage which is not provided in case common contact with one of the short-circuited transformer single-coil 15V AC diode bridge connects the power supply input to the lower half voltage is applied to the output voltage specified level exceeds the relay other contacts pulls and transformer of two windings 30V AC ends of the bridge is connected to the input full voltage is provided.

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