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Adjustable positive regulator calculator program


Program the LM317 adjustable voltage regulator positive (1 barely), LM350 (3 barely) ,LM338 (5 barely) doing calculations with the prefix application within integrated circuit diagrams.

Adjustable positive regulator calculator program: Adjustable-positive-regulator-account-programi.ZIP Thanks to those who contributed to preparing


Regulator calculation program usage information

RcALTIN / Recep GOLD hasangurlek / Hasan GÜRLEK (Temperature calculation formulas)


–> If the desired result out the exact calculation of the values ​​of R1 and R2 should be.

–> Output voltage fractional calculations to be made on the value of R2, rounded to the nearest whole number. For example: 719.6 O = 720 AZ

–> Output voltage fine-tuning R2 't recommend that you remove the option to calculate the automatic calculation for convenience…

–> Temperature θJA and θJC value calculation vary according to the component to be used;
θJA / θJC = Komponent – Sheath
39 / 2 = LM317 – K (TO-3)
50 / 4 = LM317 – T (TO-220)
50 / 4 = LM317 – S (TO-263)
140/ 23,5 = LM317 – EMP (SOT-223)
186/ 21 = LM317 – H (TO-39)
103/ 12 = LM317 – MDT (TO-252)
35 / 1 = LM338 – K (TO-3)
50 / 4 = LM338 – T (TO-220)
35 / 1,2 = LM350 – K (TO-3)
50 / 3 = LM350 – T (TO-220)

–> Right click on the tolerance values ​​of resistors can change the color codes shown in, The maximum output voltage + and – observe the voltage difference…

–> Decimal spellings “,”(comma) used. “.”(point) only be used as a separator line, has no effect on the values.

This program is completely free to use and free to be copied and distributed, can not be sold for a fee.

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