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0-30V DC Voltage Current Power Monitor

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DC POWER SUPPLY CONTROL SYSTEM 0-30V DC output capable circuit protected power supply to the crash the pursuit of power is a system which can be installed simply. Since the output voltage does not interfere with the regulation of the power supply can be used with all kinds. The system can be screened simultaneously in four separate measurements.

they are:

DC voltage value
The current value
Resistive load impedance
Load power (Watts)

Measurement error correction technique polynomial algorithms.

With this system, R & D and arızacılık power characteristics of the system being worked on in the study were followed for an instant problems can be spotted early. At the same time as preventing the use of an additional measurement tools.

Supplying 1kOhm 22.8vdc result in the value of resistance, the measured values ​​screened.

0 30V DC Voltage Current Power Monitor pic micro projeleri dc guc kaynagi denetim sistemi

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