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Audio Input Selector Circuit

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The main parts of the switch inputs is the decimal counter CD4017. Resistors R5 and R6 serves to limit the input current to the counters and, together with capacitor C1 form the RC divider. His task is to prevent multiple switch, when pressing a button, the influence of mechanical oscillations of the contacts of the button. To the counter read, must be on pins ENA and reset log. 0. On the outputs 0 – 3 are connected resistors for limiting the current of the LED diode and transistorem. Transistory here have the function switch and operates relays, for which, at rest de-energized, the contacts is connected the input audio signal. When the switching transistor switches the position relay and connects to the output the appropriate input stereo signal.

Audio Input Selector Circuit schematic audio input selector
Audio Input Selector Circuit schematic

When switched input is active 1. After pressing of the button activates the following input. At the push of a button when an active input 4 is activated again enter 1. This is achieved by connecting the outlet 4 and reset.

Audio Selector Circuit

Audio Input Selector Circuit pcb audio input selector 120x120 Audio Input Selector Circuit pcb top audio input selector 120x120

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