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USB Business Card with attiny85

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Attiny85 Atmel microcontroller with USB Business Card project established quite interesting circuit with very few elements attiny85 16.5 MHz internal RC oscillator frequency used. USB connector on the USB socket on the PCB designed to stop loose plaque thickness of 1.6 mm on the pcb printed circuit previously shared attiny85 USB Password Generator usb interface as software applications, as in made ​​with V-USB driver. USB Business Card is connected properly to the computer from the keyboard opens up notepad program “Caps” key 2 times the pressure information contained within the microcontroller automatically written to the notepad window ..

writing source code is also available for the project in the C source line 452, hex codes and other sources, there are eagle files ..

//puts_P(PSTR(" ")); // test size
puts_P(PSTR("Frank Zhao\n\nEmail: contact@frank-zhao.com\nWebsite: http://www.frank-zhao.com/\nPlease contact me for a resume\n\nExperienced in:\n* electronics design\n* multiple programming languages\n* web design and development"));
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USB Business Card with attiny85 attiny85 ile usb pcb business card vusb

Source: frank-zhao.com/cache/usbbusinesscard.php alternative link: attiny85-ile-usb-kartvizit.rar

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