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Atmel Programmer USB Powered

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Programming circuit Atmel Atmel multi-purpose circuit via the parallel port LPT tinny 2313, 13 ATmega 8, 16, 32, 162 able to program microcontrollers. ZIF socket sockets are used instead of the standard is lower than the cost. Quality integrated as follows: Remove the plug socket I would recommend that you use the less damage they see in operation. Atmel programmer circuit power supply is out of the usb ports do not need to use additional adapters

Atmel AVR Programmer Circuit

Atmel Programmer USB Powered atmel programlayici lpt

Described stand is used for programming the AVR family of microcontrollers some. The device has only a few stands for programmable microcontrollers precise quartz resonator and capacitors. For programming use a direct connection to a microcontroller LPT port (via resistors hedge), or Sample Electronics programmer. Power supply for the microcontroller is drawn from the USB port of a computer via a USB cable A <---> USB B (such as printers). All AVR microcontrollers can be programmed in the operating system but sometimes there is no space for additional interface with a microcontroller or system is far away from the computer and there is no way to connect it. Stand will be described in such a situation very helpful. Better to remove the microcontroller from the cradle, than wear the computer :). The stand is also useful when you want to program the microcontroller does not have even a proper plate of the device.

Atmel Programmer USB Powered atmel programlama devresi usb power

Source: mirley.firlej.org Atmel AVR Programmer Circuit schematic PCB files alternative link: atmel-programmer-usb-powered.rar alternative link 2: atmel-programlayici-devresi-attiny-atmega-lpt-port

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