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Atmel AVR Debug Development Board

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I see as the most advanced open source Atmel AVR debugging the debug test card can be made also shares some reason always one step ahead in atmel ..

DIP-40 pin socket, reset button SDA and SDL (IIC) can be modified to Pull Up, PWM usbasp connection, USB-connected ATMega8 USB-UART converter, USB-UART bridge connected control circuit debug JTAG, LCD display WH1602B, ADC, Show buzzer, lED display additional controls and more

Atmel AVR  Debug  Development Board acquaintance with the avr development board avr debug board

Atmel AVR  Debug  Development Board pinboard switchable pullup for sda and sdl iic board atmel avr emerged

Atmel AVR Test Debugging sprint circuit printed circuit board pcb layout drawings prepared by opening the file and printer to output the “Sprint-Layout-Viewer” program can use http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/dateien/demos/viewlayout50.exe

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