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Current Measurement Data Logger Circuit Atmel AVR, PIC

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Very high current of the current transformer and with microcontroller sensitive way measured to be recorded will be useful for source code with 2 sample application circuits one of the Atmel AVR ATMEGA48 88/168-P used) based on the current (4kW) information on the SD card is able to record and chart GLCD the circuit can also view information on LMC6484A, ADE7757, AD623 used in the entegreleri

Other applications made ​​by the software pic16c74 prepared with CCS C program via the PC displays current information

Current Measurement Data Logger Circuit Atmel AVR, PIC atmel AVR power logger LMC6484AIN ADE7757 AD623AN

This device monitors household power usage and logs it to an SD card. A simple analog front-end amplifies the signals from voltage and current detectors and an ATmega168 microcontroller computes the power consumption using the formula P=V*I. voltage divider connected to an AD623AN instrumentation amplifier. LMC6484AIN quad op-amp is used for signal amplification.

Power Line Monitor power is calculated with an analog multiplier followed by a low pass filter to obtain the DC component (real power). These analog quantities are then fed to a 12-bit A/D converter driven by a ’77 PIC. The circuit gains get me a resolution of 5 Watts. As a result I can even see the effect of turning on one lamp.

Sourcelar: stahlke.org/dan/powermeter (avr) edcheung.com/automa/power.htm tüm dosyalar için alternative link: current-measurement-data-logger-circuit-atmel-avr-pic.rar

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