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Atmel AT89 Series Experiment Development Board

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ATMEL AT89 series on various projects for the development of programming you can do trial and a circuit

Development board for AT89SXXXX This is a development board for ATMEL AT89 series or ATMEL ISP.It uses In-System Programming .Easy to use for developing your ATMEL MCS-51 base projects Support ATMEL AT89S series such as AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252.(DIP 40 pin devices) Use In-System Programming(ISP).Low voltage programming RS232 X 1

5 V regulate on-board.
No need any tools or programmer devices
connector for all I/O.
Requite one PC parallel port for ISP
Software supports for All Windows
easy to build your own single side PCB
Require power supply from DC adpaptor 9-12VDC or AC

Atmel AT89 Series Experiment Development Board pcb schematic atmel-at89-series-experiment-development-board.rar alternative link2, link3

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