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Excellent Led Ball Circuit ATmega88

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Great design has been providing birthday gifts as does not prepare mention Led to control atmega88 microcontroller is used ports çoklayıp LEDs milk to 74HC595 used LEDs effect has been very welcoming approximately 256 units LEDs with a one-compliant works. PCB LEDs are placed perpendicular to the semicircular cut and soldered LEDs formed by the card. (PCBs using thin twisted round to take shape provided)

Supply circuit provided with two alkaline batteries with integrated battery voltage converters max1674 dcdc given to upgrading the circuit.

The project started PCAD2006 pcb, diagram drawing and resource c, hex codes are ..

Excellent Led Ball Circuit ATmega88 led leds atmega88 max1674 74hc595 led ball

Source: radiokot.ru/circuit/light/run/45/ Alternatif link: + PCAD2006 Viewer programı (PCAD dosyalarını açmak için) excellent-led-ball-circuit-atmega88.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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