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TV Oscilloscope Circuit with ATmega8515 ATtiny12

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Attiny12 ATMEGA8515 a very interesting project based on digital solid-source software and schema files, PCB’s drawings for people working with Atmel series microcontrollers can give different ideas can be useful in different projects analogue solid

The tv oscilloscope is undoubtedly one of the basic instrumentation in electrical engineering. Oscilloscopes are available in two basic designs – analog and digital. Amateur analog oscilloscope design is relatively complex and expensive, while the construction of the digital oscilloscope is due to the availability of microcontrollers much easier. One of the basic elements of each oscilloscope’s display unit. For analog oscilloscopes can be found with osciloskopickými screens. Modern digital oscilloscopes use different displays, which are often very expensive. Therefore, some structures conceived as modules that can be connected to a computer. Data is then displayed using the software installed on the computer monitor.

TV Oscilloscope Project

TV Oscilloscope Circuit  with ATmega8515  ATtiny12 atmel tv osiloskop

Most digital oscilloscopes consists of a fast AD converter, memory FISO1 and control circuit. This concept is a proven standard, availability-based components allows these units to include single components – a microcontroller. The advantage of this solution is its simplicity and low cost, the disadvantage is the lower sampling frequency oscilloscope. Since the aim was to create a structure oscilloscope, enabling measurement of low frequency frequencies can accept this limitation. The result is an audio oscilloscope that can capture signals with a sampling frequency of 500 kHz.

TV Oscilloscope Circuit  with ATmega8515  ATtiny12 tv osiloskop blok diagram

source: radim.xf.cz TV Oscilloscope Circuit with ATmega8515 ATtiny12 schematic code files alternative link: tv-oscilloscope-circuit-with-atmega8515-attiny12.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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