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Stereo 64LEDs VU Meter Circuit Atmega8

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Generally VU Meter for the indicators used integrated 2 × 15 LEDs or 10 LEDs supports this circuit atmel microcontroller using more LEDs used VU-meter circuit ATmega8 microcontroller based on the two-channel stereo per channel 32 LEDs are dropping a total of 64 LEDs PCB drawings hex and c code There.

Atmega8 LED VU Meter Circuit

Lately, when I penetrated deeper into programming, I was fascinated accurate A / D converter in the microcontroller. So I decided to make a VU meter with 2×32 LED ATmega8 microcontroller that can be bought, for example, in GME 34Kč just so much cheaper than, for example LM3915 which also serves as a VU meter, but only on 1×10 LED. Maybe it’s strange how the 23 input-output pins can be controlled 64LED. This is solved simply by switching the four columns of LEDs with high speed.

Source: j.mp/aPvvO6 VU Meter Circuit files alternative link: atmega8-vu-metre-iki-kanal-64-led.rar

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